Anyone is welcome to make a blog post submission.  These may take many forms, including personal accounts, summaries of academic research, technical briefings, picture exposés, or any other format which provides new and engaging content.

Guidelines for blog submissions:

  • Subject must be directly linked to ‘Humanitarian Aid’
  • Content must be new and engaging
  • Any quotes must be attributed
  • Maximum of 750 words
  • Written in English or French (posts will be published only in language of submission)
  • Please include a few brief biographical notes (location, affiliation or job title, relevant experience) with your submission or proposal.
  • Submissions can be text, photos and videos.

Submission of images with blog entries is highly recommended.  Images may be pictures or graphics and should be directly relevant to the blog entry.  Applicants are responsible for ensuring image copyrights have been cleared for use on the HC website.

Submission and selection process

Blog posts should be submitted by e-mail to blog[at]  Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Authors whose submission is selected for publication will receive a $50 stipend in recognition of their contribution pending approval by the Humanitarian Coalition.